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A. How is Myanmar Free Islamic Books running? Or How is a refurbished Ebook born?

To publish a refurbished ebook, we have:
1. A Donor who generously donate a Hard Copy of the Book. (He wont get it back since  
    its binding will be cut for scanning. Or He may get it loose sheets of the book for 
    re-binding by himself.)
2. A Book Collector, if required, who will collect the book and bring to the person who scan 
3. A Book scanner who did the scanning of the book.
4. A Book Refurbisher who did refurbishing work on the book.

Note: One person may do all or three or two or one tasks to become a refurbished ebook.


B. What is the Refurbished Scan EBook?
    What is the difference between them and normal scan EBooks?

Refurbished Scan EBook has following features, but normal one don't have them.

1. Uniform width & height of the pages.
2. Put text bodies in the centre of the pages.
3. Make top margin uniform in all pages.
4. Make bottom margin uniform in required pages.
4. Clean the dark spots (scanning flaws & book binding marks), on most of the books.
5. Rectify too much skewed pages (make them upright), on most of the books.
6. File size can reduce 24-8 times than normal scan eBooks. (depends on books color)
7. Printer Friendly (Able to print with a printer, No grey stain and shade for monochrome
books). To get out-of-print rare book, the only solution is to:
  1. Download this refurbished Ebooks, and 
  2. Print them at any DTP shop in your local place, and 
  3. Ask the book binder to bind the book in your place.
  4. The cost will be quite reasonable compared to publishing and quality of it will be almost the same. (Can say "Print on Demand").
8. Can add new page number and refurbished Titles if required.

Almost all of the eBooks in this blog are scanned and refurbished. And we hope that you will love to keep it and read it with your PC, Laptop, Tab, Mobile, etc.

To refurbish a eBook need a lot of works, and take time depending on the original book condition.


  1. Fundamental of Tauheed

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  3. အာ၀ါဘီ နမာဇ္ ဖတ္ပံု အေသးစိတ္ ေရးထားတာ လုိခ်င္ပါတယ္
    ေသသူအတြက္ ရွင္သူမွ ေန႔စဥ္ လုပ္ေပးႏိုင္တဲ႔ ေကာင္းမွူ အမလ္ က်င္႔စဥ္မ်ား ကို လည္း သိခ်င္ပါတယ္

  4. Asalamualaikum.
    First of all I would like to thanks to u who bild up this blog for Myanmar muslim. I would like to ask help from u.I live in Sweden and I'm gonna marry next month. And I want Nikah contact in Myanmar language but i couldn't get it from Myanmar cuz they don't give if your not doing Nikah with that Ustaz and I understand and respect their law..
    And I would like to as Nikah contract by Myanmar language from you if you have that(PDF file)could you like to me:

  5. I want to find kasida books.

  6. Alsmoalikum, Wondering if I could have Authentic Hadith Books Myanmar translations. I found only Saheeh Bukhari, It would be nice If I found Saheeh Muslim and others as well. Jazakallahukhairan.


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