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Monday, 22 September 2014

Tajweed in a Nutshell (One Day Essential Complete Training Course)

Tajweed in a Nutshell (One Day Essential Complete Training Course)

Tajweed is a set of Rules that was created by scholars more than 1000 years ago to teach how to correctly recite The Nobel Quran to non-native arab muslims.
The more signs and symbols it has, the easier to learn. At the same time, the more work for scholar to do.

The Ultimate wish is to recite The Nobel Quran in proper way. Now in the age of computer, scholars have added colors to recognize the tajweed rules for us to learn it easily and quickly, not like before. It is a tedious hard work to remember all characters for non-native musims.

If it take less time to know tajweed rules, you can spend more time to practice it and learn the meaning of The Nobel Quran.

I was studied the tajweed book linked below and summarized its rules, and found that I can reduce some rules since there were symbols and preparation in The Nobel Quran. Here is the summary. Ultimately you just need to know 4 main things, and it is also marked with different colors.

Note: there are a few color coded tajweed ruled Quran ( I have seen 5 different books, and they are different in colorings, core concept is the same.) You have to choose what is best to you. For me, this attached book is the best.

How to recite Color Coded Arabic Quran (58 MB)

Quran Arabic IndoPak (Nastaleeq) Color Coded Tajweed
(238 MB / 549 pages)
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