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Monday, 8 December 2014

Type Arabic Word with Harakat using English Letter !!!

Type Arabic Word with Harakat using English Letter !!!

Thanks to Microsoft Excel....
Now You can type Arabic Words using English letters even with Harakat by just pressing the relevant button if the word has a form that is available in this excel file. And even if the arabic words that you wish to type, do not possess the available form, then you can still type them using assigned english equivalent of the arabic harakat in order.

I have collected my best many arabic words which has unique singular male pattern and write a simple and extendable code to auto-type them from english letters assigned to each arabic alphabet.

Other Project that will publish later relating this!
(Just need a little bit touch up). This project is easy, but take time for touch-up job for public use.

Auto Al (the) adding on Arabic Words (Code can auto-decide Moon & Sun arabic letters) (100% done).

Arabic Words Gender Changing Code (100% done).

Arabic Noun Regular & Irregular Plural Writing Code (100% done).

Arabic Adjectives (Degree of Adjectives) Form Writing Code (50% done).

Arabic verb conjugator of all verbs 
   3 Root Letter Verbs conjugator (100% done).
   4 Root Letter Verbs conjugator (100% done).
   Weak and Hollow verbs conjugator (80% done).

*** Weak and Hollow verbs need to get verified by an advanced learner. If anyone is willing to help this project, you are warmly welcome.

I hope this project can help many arabic students and religious teachers and writers to write arabic without need for switching for arabic keyboard back and forth and you can copy arabic text easily from Excel, not from web site that need an internet connection.

Here is a screen shoot of my first published Arabic Word autoType with Harakat using English Letter.

If you need a specific Arabic Word related codes, please let me know. If I m free (good question), I will attend your request asap. Thanks a lot for using my effort.

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